Selective Origins’ first couple of babies of ‘14  

This is a mix of Matrix (Trix for short) and 007 (Goldeneye X Matrix) babies.  Really, when it comes to wild Red Blood stuff, Selective Origins is doing some craaaaaazy things!

lookat the baby puddin’ plops!

Hoop Snakes: …wait, what?

Is anyone else reduced to incontrollable giggles when they think about the legend of the Hoop Snake?


Like the snake just rolls at people like a freakin’ demon possessed Hula Hoop and then sticks them with its tail. No it doesn’t bite people, because that would be way too realistic for the story of the Roll Along Snakey Circle. It has a stinger in its tail that it uses like a giant evil wasp.

This legend is so common and is actually believed by so many people that many official state guides about dealing with snakes have to include notes that the Hoop Snake is not real and that normal snakes do not have venomous stingers. 

On one hand it would be great if this ridiculous legend would dissipate over time, but on the other I wanna continue to get a chuckle out of it for a while.

my ball python cecil


I managed to catch Pretzel fixing his face after a meal!


Arafura File Snake | ©Ryan Francis   (Gregory River, Queensland, Australia)

Acrochordus arafurae (Acrochordidae) is a non-venomous and aquatic snake, found in the coastal regions of northern Australia and also New Guinea.

This species reaches a maximum length of 2.5 m (1.5 m average). They are sexually dimorophic with females generally the larger sex. File snakes have small, but very strongly keeled scales, which give them the texture of a file. Their skin is very loose and baggy. Colors vary slightly, but most are light brown or gray with dark brown or black reticulations extending from a broad vertebral band that gives a cross-banded, or a blotchy appearance on the dorsal surface of the body. 


(via reptilefacts)


My pet corn snake, Diamond, shed the other day.  He’s all bright and red and shiny now!  What a cutie!  :)