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Fires generally are still bright as adults unlike the pastel morphs, so I hear

Favorite Morphs and Aging

While I was at the reptile show, I saw this stunning Bee morph Ball Python.

It got me thinking about morphs, and which ones look best as they get older. The Bee above is one of the very few adults I saw at the show (most adults were normals who were het for a morph and were advertised as breeders.) Almost all of the gorgeous morphs were baby snakes.

Baby snakes are much brighter than adults, so the morphs usually show up best on young snakes. From what I’ve seen, many morphs get duller with age. Some of them change dramatically such as the color change on Highway/Freeway ball pythons as they age

Are there any morphs that you love on baby snakes, but don’t look as good on adults? What morphs look best on adult snakes?


This little wriggler is impossible to get good photos of when he’s in wriggle mode.

I’m amused that there are at least two pets, including this kid, named after Cole based on the book alone (the other being Spicyshimmy’s cat). I hope Gaider approves of these little spooks.


godslush said: Why can’t more reptiles be like that. Cats want to make sure it’s always cat time, there should be snakes that want it to be always snake time.

Sneks always want to be on my head.






Result: a very heavy hat.

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achievement-buncer asked:

Did you go to CRBE in Toronto today?


I wish! I went to a small reptile show in the Southeast.


bibliophilecellistsoulsearcher asked:

What does morph mean in reference to snakes?


Morph refers to color morph. It’s just a difference in color or appearance of the snake :)