Mod notes on language, general practices, and answers to “what is the R-word”

Trigger warning for ableist slur

So I got a few questions asking what the r-word was and figured I’d take a quick moment to answer that as well as clarify a few things about what is published on this blog.

The r-word refers to the word “retarded” or “retards” used in a derogatory manner (often referred to as a slur). This is offensive and hurtful, especially to people who are mentally handicapped or have special needs.

In general, this blog is a very simple space for cute snakes. A place for people to discuss and ask about snake-related things and submit pictures/videos/concerns to a larger snake-loving audience.

However, not everything, even cute snake stuff, exists in a vacuum. Even in this very narrowly focused space, I want people to feel safe. I strive to make this space as un-offensive and anti-oppressive as possible. I won’t take submissions or tagged posts that include hurtful and offensive language/images, including slurs, cultural appropriation, and homophobia/sexism/racism/ableism/etc.. I try to limit profane text in posts, though I can run into problems with this in regards to URLs containing profane language.

So in summation, no this blog isn’t a social justice project, but in general it strives to uphold certain principles if they intersect with the world of Adorable Snakes.